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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Science and Interactive Writing

Five Senses Interactive Writing Chart
The children helped build the bear by adding each feature that helps us learn about our world.
Then the children assisted me in labeling the chart. Labeling is a skill that we will use throughout the year as we learn to write simple stories.
The children building their 5 Senses Bear
What did I ever do without my Elmo?
The finished product! Bells on the ears, wiggle eyes, cotton ball sprayed with perfume, raffia paws and a stick of Big Red gum for the tongue! I must say this was SO much fun.
This is our interactive writing on Rainbows. The children helped write the color words and created the rainbow with bingo dotters as we recalled our experiment.
We discovered that when we break the light the colors fall out. This was dictated by my children after our prism investigation.

He broke the light and found the colors!
The children created these to take home.
The note to parents reads, "A rainbow is made by "breaking the light so the colors fall out". Open the "light beam" and see if you can name the colors that fall out. Put the color cards in order of the rainbow!


  1. OK, I can see where you have so much up your sleeve that you would have to give a workshop! The five senses teddy bear is fantastic-so tactile. I was in Dollar Tree today and saw the bingo markers and wondered how I could use them-your rainbow would be so much fun. I'm showing this to my team tomorrow.

  2. I love it all! You are so good at "theme" stuff!

  3. Thanks, Julies!
    Julie H.- Are you all on Tt this week? I was trying to fit in my 5 senses "stuff" with Tt. I kept praying and God gave me an idea. I truly mean that. I think He looks down and says, "Poor girl. I know you'll not sleep another wink if I don't give you an idea. Here you go." :-)
    I did the rainbow Brown Bear week - colors, shapes, etc. Since National Boards I've tried to "rethink" my science lessons. If you think of a way to fuse in math let me know. The math should prove the science - does that make sense?

  4. I love these activities, especially the sensory writing chart! So cute!

  5. Thanks! We had a great time with these units.