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Saturday, September 18, 2010

ABC Party!

At the end of our ABC introduction we celebrate by throwing an ABC Party! We get into the "party mood" by popping balloons to find the surprise inside - letters of the alphabet. Of course Dr. Jean's, "Who Let the Letters Out?" really gets the party started!!

Getting ready to pop the balloons and "let the letters out".
Whatever works!
Look what was inside! LETTERS! Each child matched their letter to the matching letter in the pocket chart. Later, we used these to make a class book, "Who Let the Letters Out?".

Look at that face!
Afterwards, we divided into small groups. This group is decorating the letter that matched the one in their balloon.
These guys are playing with Sticks and Curves blocks, reading/retelling Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Rainbow Writing letters on a chart tablet.
Retelling the story....
This group is making their Chicka Bottles by adding a coconut tree, beads and the letters in their name.
My neighbor's class popping their balloons.
Mrs. Armstrong's kids enjoyed their party as much as we did!
I thought this was a great idea! Mrs. Armstrong's kids were sorting Alpha Bits cereal on an ABC mat.  I'll definitely do this next year.
Mrs. Armstrong's kids decorating their letters.
Our decorated ABC's on display.
Mrs. Armstrong had a couple of  timid guys when it came to popping the balloon.
C-cotton, G-gum wrapper, F-feet stickers, etc. Looks great!


  1. Suzan, this is fantastic! I'm just trying to figure out how to incorporate all of this into my plans! I love the ABC party and decorating the letters, your classroom looks wonderful and the children look so excited!

    YOU are amazing!

  2. Julie, I forgot to take a picture of the class book, Who Let the Letters Out. I'll try to post that tomorrow. Let me know how it goes for you. I like to have 4 stations to rotate through after the "balloon", whole group event. Next year I will do the Alpha Bit sort like Mrs. Armstrong. Let me know if you think of another one!
    Love ya, Girl!!