What's Going on Here...

Friday, July 16, 2010

It only took me 14 years to think of it!

I've just come back from my classroom where I installed my new "foam rugs". I am SO  excited to see how they  hold up to K's. Instead of regular rugs, that get stained, dirty, torn, etc., I ordered the primary foam puzzle pieces to create my own! I am SO tired of buying expensive rugs, just to have them ruined. My kids love to sit in the floor to work and sometimes accidents happen. My hope is that these will be easy to clean and nice underfoot! Each piece is 12"square - the perfect size for my center areas which normally have a 3X5 rug. I used some of the pieces to make a 4'X4' rug in one area and a 5'X4' in the other. I like the look so much I may order enough for two other centers and get rid of the regular rugs altogether!