What's Going on Here...

Our Classroom

Welcome to my classroom!

As you enter you see my art center directly infront of you and my teaching table/desk to the left.

My teaching table/desk. School hasn't started and it's already messy!

This is the corner to the right just past my teaching table. The table is the Writing Center with the supplies on the shelf. The Computer Center is on the right.

As you walk on into the room you see our group meeting area/block center.

To the right of the computers is our Daily Weather board. We check the weather and temperature everyday and graph our findings in our Calendar Journal.
We spell the weather by singing our weather songs - to the tune of "Bingo". 
I have cards made omitting one letter on each, showing the kids when to clap. They learn to spell these words very quickly and enjoy using these songs during literacy stations. 

To the right of the Weather Board is my filing cabinet. This is my Math Stations rotation chart on the side. The bags underneath match the color box. Each bag contains the materials necessary to complete that particular station.

I use the middle of my board for Literacy instruction. It is bare right now, but will be full of poems, nursery rhymes, and letters from our Letter Land friends. I'll have a full post with pictures about that later.

This is the calendar portion of my board. We complete the calendar each morning using our Calendar Journals by Mrs. Meachem. I have taken her WONDERFUL idea and made it fit my K's. Because of this journal, everyone is engaged throughout Calendar Time. Calendar Journals are also a great work sample to use during Parent Conferences, BBSST meetings, teacher/child conferences, etc. It allows you to assess for LOADS of literacy and readiness skills! 

Just a better view. You can see the beautiful teaching easle my wonderful husband built for me - and my youngest with his new puppy! Bless him - he feels like he owns stock in my classroom. He has spent WAY too much time there!

This is my old, ugly Writing Center lamp that got a new face-lift!

This is our Science Center and Overhead Center. I found this table at a thrift store for $5.00!

Another view.

This is our Math Center.
Another view to show our train table which goes with our Blocks Center. YES, I still include blocks in my daily center rotation and plan to until I retire. Children need lots and lots of oral language practice - especially children who are just learning to speak English! There are many ways to "spruce up" your blocks so that you meet the "literacy requirements"! Don't sell out, ECE majors! 

The loft area is our Housekeeping Center. Upstairs is the dollhouse and underneath is the kitchen - fully stocked with groceries, list material, cook books, doctor's prescription pads, etc. LOTS of talking here! I love to hear chatter. Our classroom is always buzzing!

This is our ABC Center. The shelves to the left and in front house all supplies. The counter also serves as part of the center as well - magnet board, literacy tubs, Word Wall, etc.

Behind the ABC Center, in the center of the classroom is my version of the Reading Center. I call it the Storytelling Center. Not only can children look at and read books, but they can work with Big Books, Stamp-a-Stories, and flannel stories as well. If I were a kid, this would be my favorite center! This is the first year I've tried it in this area. I think I am going to love it. There are pillows in the bottom of the cart for the children to sit on if they like, too. I might add a bean bag or two....

Well, here we are back to the Art Center and the door! You can see my work sorter and my art easel  
that my sweet husband made for me.