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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

With a chick, chick here...!

Each year we incubate chick eggs in time to have baby chicks for Farm Day. This year we hatched both chicks and ducks! The chicks were right on time, but I set the duck eggs too late. Oh well, we'll enjoy them when they get here! 
We covered lots of math and science objectives with this activity.
This was our tally chart. The kiddos added a tally mark each time they added a link. This was great counting by 5's practice, more/less comparisons, quantity to number, etc.!
We had a "chick" side and a "duck" side.

These are our duck eggs. As of today it's day 26...  we're still waiting!  We candled today and the kiddos decided it is close because the shadow fills almost the entire shell! Thursday should be an exciting day - #28 is the magic number for ducks!
The big day! On day 21 (right on time) the chicks started to pip!

Our wonderful Tech guys set up a live broadcast account for us so all 23 classes of K could watch the egg hatch on their projector screens in real-time! It was great.

Messy, but FUN!
We also candled every few days, then wrote about it in our Science Journals.
"The duck in the egg was getting bigger."
"The chick was hatching."
Here is a free download of our "countdown to chicks" sheet. I wish I had included the ducks, but it was already made and copied. Oh well, maybe next year!

A happy brood! Bring on the ducks!


  1. It looks like you had a great hatch, Congrats :)

  2. Hopefully the ducks will do as well! :-)

  3. How exciting. I know you students must have adored it.

    Ms. M
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  4. What an awesome experience for those kids!

  5. I think I AM the kid! I have as much, or more fun than they do! Thanks for checking out my little blog. :-)

  6. 23 K classes??? looks like a great learning experience!

  7. Yes - and we are still growing! It's getting harder to plan the day with so many classes. The stations do not work with more than 2 classes at a time...pretty soon it might turn into a 2 day event!

  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing your tracking sheet, it is cuter that the one I made. Thankfully I had not yet photo copied it. Liz :)