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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to these three AMAZING teachers -  Julie, Marlana and Jan. You absolutely made my day!

You can find these inspiring ladies by clicking on their links. 

Julie  at
The Alphabet Garden

Marlana at Lil' Country Kindergarten

Here are the rules for receiving this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here are 7 things about me:

1. I was saved at the age of 9 while visiting at a friend's church. I am a new creature sealed unto the day of redemption! I'm not even close to perfect, but my Savior is. He's the one I'm depending on!

2.  I am a big nerd. I am fascinated with how children learn and read anything related to this topic. I've learned that because children are created by God (and God being so creative and an "outside the box" kind of thinker) there is no cookie-cutter answer to teaching. Just when you think YOU have it all figured out...in walks a new sweetie that keeps you learning and searching for new/better methods.

3. I am a HUGE Crimson Tide FAN!!!!! Roll Tide Roll!

4.  The Dollar Tree is my favorite hang out. The sales people know me by my first name - in both locations! My youngest son calls it "The Black Hole"...Mom goes in, but she doesn't come out!

5.  I am blessed to live with 4 of the most handsome, wonderful, funny, (MESSY) and amazingly talented men on the planet (my husband and 3 sons). I daily hope and pray for 3 equally wonderful, funny, (UNDERSTANDING) and amazingly talented wives for them....

6. I DESPISE "parent orientation"! After YEARS of doing this over and over you would think I would learn to at least tolerate it - but alas I still get nauseous and shake all the way through this yearly event!

7. I would love to illustrate children's books. If I had it all to do over, I would have majored in art, would be living on some wonderful, secluded farm...maybe in Maine, where I would paint in my lovely studio for some talented author.... 

7 WONDERFUL Bloggers who inspire me...


  1. Loved getting to know you a little bit better!

  2. Awwww Thanks! I can identify with number 2. You said it sister :)!
    Ms. A
    Oceans of First Grade Fun

  3. My turn!
    Ireally enjoy your blog and so...
    I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award!
    Just link back to my blog from yours and follow the directions posted there!

    K is for kindergarten