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Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Week Fun!

After our character hunt (tour of the school) we found Brown Bear waiting on us. Each child had their picture made - which will go into a class book.

After hearing the story, we retold
the story creating a story map.
We are beginning to work as a team!
A future artist painting a green frog!
Working hard on the first day!
Almost finished!

Finished product - our first story map complete with character labels and objects sorted by color.

We read the story, Go Away Big Green Monster (my personal favorite).
This is our class Big Green Monster! Each child created and added his/her part of the story. 
After the story, we discovered how to make green. We painted one hand blue and the other yellow. Then, we rubbed our two hands together - GREEN! We put our handprints on a plate and used these to create our own monsters to take home!
On orange day, we mixed our magic red potion into our yellow pudding with our "magic wands" (popsicle sticks) and discovered ORANGE! Tasty!!

Each day we have found a magic shape waiting on us behind the poster paper. I rub the paper with a crayon to discover the shape for the day (crayon resist).  Afterwards, each child builds his/her shape with popsicle sticks.

There is a circle hiding behind the black paper for Monday!
Learning to work in centers.


  1. Oh, Suzan!! You blow me away! I can not believe what all you fit into the first week-you are amazing. OK, I LOVE the Big, Green Monster plates and the Brown Bear story map. We are working on Brown Bear this week, I'm going for it and we'll do a story map like this. I love it! It looks as if you had a good first week.

  2. Julie, You will LOVE painting the map. The kids love it and try to be so careful. They know that they forfeit their painting time if they do not follow directions. I think this is the most well-behaved portion of our 8 days in school!! It's also a great way to start working together. If you think of ways to improve it or extend it let me know. That's how the Green Monster plates came about. I had to find a way to combine everything into one. The need to integrate drives me crazy sometimes!! lol
    I try to do a story map with most of the "favorites" that we read. The Big Green Monster is one of them. My next favorite goes with Bears in the Night by Jan and Stan Berenstein. I can't wait to do it!

  3. This is so cute! I love all the painting!!