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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farm Day 2011!

Welcome to Farm Day 2011!
It's hard to believe this is our 10th Farm Day! Where does the time go? I started Farm Day in my classroom years ago. The fun was contagious...the whole school has joined in for 10 years and counting! It is a BOAT LOAD of work, but worth every headache, muscle cramp and conflict to see the kiddos faces! Look at the pictures of our stations below. I've "tweaked" a lot of the problems over the years so I might be able to help you get started if you would like to plan an event like this for your school.

Farm Life - my personal fav.
Milk the Cow - this was 2009.
These are our NEW and IMPROVED cows! No more filling and tying rubber gloves!

Plant the field
Gather the eggs!
Shear the Sheep
We have catfish farms in Alabama. This is our tribute to them.

Mend the Fence

Haul the Hay
Ride the Horse!

Paint the Barn
My sweet and wonderful husband, aka Old McDonald! He tells his OWN version of McD's  day, while singing the traditional song. He's MY treasure!

This picture is from our 2011 Farm Day. Our ELL teacher was a station all by herself. The other lady is my favorite Aunt Helen with her granddaughter. The lady with the beautiful Arabian horse is our ELL teacher. 
Our treasure of an ELL teacher - who brings hay, horses, demos, helps clean up....she deserves an award! This picture was taken in 2009.

Our wonderful Alfa Young Farmers bring their animals each year!
The Alfa Farmers brought baby chicks, too!

Baby chicks!

This sheep called out to us all day - BAAAAAA! The kids would answer back - too cute!

The Alfa Farmers showing off the old-time corn sheller!
Snead Ag supplied the John Deere tractor and trailer this year. I combined our snack station with the hayride this year - AG in a Bag. The snack had a representation of the 5 top commodities for Alabama. We sang a version of Old McD's Farm using the 5 commodities. Here is a copy of how this station worked.
These are OUR babies we incubated and hatched! We put these into a station so the kiddos could FINALLY  hold the babies we've waited for!

This was a new station, too. It was Roll-a-Cow! Each team rolled a set die and added the matching cow part to their friend. She's adding the sand paper tongue. Can you see the four stomaches?
Here is a copy of directions to play this game.

He's adding the four hooves! There was also a flyswatter tail and butter lid/baby nipple udder. TOO CUTE!

From Farm to Table Relay! This was our first year to try this station. This pic shows two farmers milking the cows!
Here is a copy of directions for this station.
Next, two new farmers had to pour the milk into the milk cartons.
They loaded the milk into the wagon.
These two took the milk wagon to the market.
Once the milk was delivered two grocers sold the milk to two customers.

The two customers took the milk home and poured it into glasses! From FARM TO TABLE!
More kids getting their turn.

Barrel Racing in the gym!
Barrel Racing in the gym!

Our WONDERFUL media specialist had the children paint the characters to the story The Very Busy Spider. Now, think about that...400+ kiddos between 8:20 and 12:20 - YIKES she's brave!

 There was also a Planting Station - with a Flower in a Cup and a "Beanie Baby" necklace! My camera battery died! BOO!

 After lunch, we meet back for the Grand Finale. This year our ELL Teacher rode her horse, Flash, for us. She demonstrated how the gait of the horse is counted.
Next...our wonderful Media Specialist and brave teachers acted out the old favorite, Mrs. Wishy-Washy!

While we were in the gym, our ELL teacher changed into her Arabian costume - this picture does not do it justice.

Y'all come back now,
Ya' hear!


  1. This is our BEST special day by far!! Thumbs up for you! Oh, and the "new and improved" cows at Farm Life are super cute!

  2. Thanks, dear. The cows still need work, but I think in maybe 10 more years we'll have them perfected. HA!

  3. WOW! How awesome! Think of all the wonderful memories you've created! Who would've thought of doing all those cool and creative stations?? I'm jealous!! :o)


  4. Thanks, Cindy! Why don't you join us next year?! First Friday in April! :-)

  5. Suzan!!!! Oh.my.gosh. I am just amazed! The amount of work had to be staggering but what an incredible experience for the children-they will always remember that day in Kindergarten! I am not surprised that you started it all. :) You are that kind of teacher!

    Your Old McDonald is one of the sweetest guys I know and definitely the best looking farmer around!

    Love you,

  6. Julie, It's been a work in progress for 10 years. I add or change something almost every year. It is SO much fun to do, but I am afraid I can't keep it up. It is probably time to pass it on to younger folks!
    I do prefer Old McDonald! Of course if Tom Cruise is not available...! hehe

  7. AMAZING! Any secret on how you made the cows?

  8. Id love to know about the cows too! also wanted to see how you did the roll-a-cow and the farm to table relay but the link won;t work?

    Thanks, Ruth x